Experiment 32

3X growth within 3 months for a social media marketing agency.

About Experiment 32

Experiment 32 is a social media management and marketing agency that specializes in helping ecommerce businesses increase their online presence through strategic social media marketing campaigns.


Experiment 32 was pretty content with its share of warm leads and referrals. Their business was up and running, but they wanted more. To take their agency to the next level, Experiment 32 started looking for a lead generation partner to find new sales opportunities and create new marketing and sales channels. Here’s a list of challenges the Bold Red X team revealed when getting familiar with this case.

1. Agency Marketing is Complex

Experiment 32 had tried various marketing and sales strategies to reach new prospects, but they had little success. They knew they needed to find a more effective way to reach decision-makers in their target market, but they weren't sure where to start. Even though they had an impressive track record of generating customers and revenue for their B2C (eCommerce) clients, landing clients for their agency needed a totally different approach.

2. Limiting ICP

While the customer profile proved successful in the US market, expanding globally necessitated adjustments to the company's Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to identify businesses and industries where social media marketing could be effective.

3. Lack of Warm Leads

In order to expand their global reach, Experiment 32 recognized the need for a strong sales pipeline. However, the client discovered that their existing pool of warm referrals and connections was running out and that stood in the way of them reaching their new revenue goals. This prompted a pressing need to expand their marketing and sales channels and proactively seek out new opportunities to gain access to potential clients.

4. Underperforming Email Campaigns

Despite previously having success with their cold email strategy using other vendors, Experiment 32 began to experience underperformance in their outbound email campaigns as they sought to expand into new markets. They realized that they lacked the necessary infrastructure to effectively scale their cold email outreach and were unable to meet the demands of their growing business needs.

What we did

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Our team worked closely with Experiment 32 to understand their ideal client profile, craft a personalized messaging strategy, and create a targeted email list of decision-makers in their target industries. We began by conducting thorough research on the client's target market, analyzing competitors, and identifying pain points that their services could address. From there, we developed a compelling email messaging strategy that resonated with decision-makers and highlighted the unique value proposition of the client's services.


To help the client achieve their objectives, we worked closely with them to identify the areas in need of improvement. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of their existing cold email campaigns, reviewing their messaging, targeting, and overall approach.

Email Outreach

Our team then created an initial custom email list, consisting of over 2,000 decision-makers in the client's target market. We crafted a series of personalized email templates that were tailored to the specific needs and interests of each recipient. Our goal was to make each email feel like a personal outreach, rather than a generic mass email.


To achieve the best possible results, we developed an A/B testing strategy to test different variables and improve performance. This involved testing different email templates, targeting profiles, and subject lines to determine the optimal approach for their campaigns.

We started by testing different email templates to determine which messaging resonated best with their target audience. Our team experimented with different styles of copy, call-to-actions, and personalized touches to identify the most effective approach.

We then tested different targeting profiles to ensure that our outreach efforts were focused on the most relevant and high-quality leads. This involved refining the ideal customer profile (ICP) and conducting thorough research to identify the best-fit prospects for the client’s services.

Finally, we tested different subject lines to improve the email open rate and increase engagement with the recipient. Our team experimented with different approaches, including personalized subject lines and attention-grabbing language, to determine the most effective approach for Experiment 32’s services.


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1. Exponential Increase in sales

Over the course of three months, our cold email campaign generated impressive results for the client. We booked a total of 81 meetings with decision-makers in their target market, resulting in 8 new clients for the agency. These results far exceeded the client's expectations and helped them achieve their business goals.

2. Predictable and consistent sales pipeline

Bold Red X's support has been instrumental in providing Experiment 32 with a steady stream of meetings that have made their sales process more predictable. With Bold Red X's assistance, Experiment 32 was able to engage with potential clients across diverse industries that were previously out of their reach. Bold Red X's approach has enabled Experiment 32 to book meetings with numerous prospects and effectively convert them into long-term customers. These prospects represent significant sales opportunities, as they have been previously inaccessible to Experiment 32.

3. Successful Scaling

Through our comprehensive A/B testing strategy, we were able to significantly improve the Experiment 32's cold email campaign results. Our optimized approach generated a 2.5x increase in the number of leads generated and a 3x increase in conversions compared to their previous outreach efforts. Experiment 32 were thrilled with the results of our efforts, which helped them to scale their business and acquire new clients at a much faster rate than before. They praised our team for our data-driven approach and our ability to identify the most effective strategies for their outreach campaigns.


By partnering with us, Experiment 32 was able to optimize their cold email campaigns and generate impressive results. Our data-driven A/B testing strategy helped them identify the most effective messaging, targeting, and subject lines to increase the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.

Experiment 32’s team was elated with the results of our cold email campaign and the impact it had on their business.

With our support, they were able to scale their operations, increase revenue, and reach a wider audience of potential clients. By partnering with Bold Red X, Experiment 32 was able to leverage our expertise in cold email to exceed their sales and marketing goals and scale their business to new levels.