Scanlon Solutions

52 appointments and 7 deals in 4 months: targeting С-level executives in funded B2B startups for a web design and development company.

About Scanlon Solutions

Started by a small group of fresh graduates in the sunny state of Florida, Scanlon Solution is a web design & development agency dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes reach their full potential through the power of technology. They specialize in building websites that drive growth and increase conversions for B2B startups.


Scanlon Solutions wanted to increase their client base and grow their business. They had a team of highly skilled developers and designers but were struggling to find new clients. They had tried various marketing strategies, including paid ads and social media campaigns, but were not getting the desired results. Here’s a list of problems we came across during our partnership.

1. Competitive Niche

Due to the high competitivity in the web development niche, Scanlon Solutions needed a unique approach that will make them stand out and capture potential clients' attention.

2. Finding the Right ICP

Identifying the right target audience can be difficult in such a competitive industry. B2B startups is such a wide targeting pool, to achieve a better conversion rate, we needed to narrow down and build a more specific ideal customer profile with clear criteria like location, buying signals, industry, date and amount of funding, and more.

3. Lack of Credibility

When we started working together, Scanlon Solutions were relatively new with only a couple of projects under their built, and have not yet established a solid reputation. They were worried this might be a big issue since potential clients may be hesitant to trust them with critical development projects.


Unique Approch

To capture the attention of the client's prospects, we implemented a unique approach that required extensive evaluation and definition to align with the client's goals. Given the target audience's inundated inboxes with spam and similar requests, we had to adopt both conventional and unconventional approaches to cold email templates. We knew we had to devise a creative and non-traditional solution to stand out from the crowd, and we did just that.


To improve the success rate of their cold email campaign, Bold Red X researched each prospect to craft a highly personalized message that matches their specific needs and interests, and stands out from spam development emails. To make sure we're getting the best possible results for Scanlon Solutions, we tested different subject lines, email copy, call to actions and sending times.

Wider Targeting

Our constant testing of different approaches resulted in high open and reply rates but the conversion rates we're lower than we'd hoped. To improve appointment-setting rates, we expanded our geolocation and ICPs. Furthermore, we adopted a personalized approach in our follow-up emails by including case studies that were tailored to specific industries, as well as particular titles. This resulted in a substantial increase in the number of appointments we were able to schedule.


Deals closed in 4 months
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Email open rate

1. Building a Reputation

Being able to use the deals they closed through Bold Red X as case studies and references, enabled Scanlon Solutions to have a more seamless sales process and shorten their sales cycle, resulting in quicker growth.

2. Open Rate

Cold email campaigns targeting midsize businesses brought a 50% open rate and a 19% reply rate, which is way higher than the industry average of cold email results in the competitive web development niche.

3. Meetings

Bold Red X's personalized approach and targeted messaging proved to be highly effective, resulting in 52 meetings booked on behalf of Scanlon Solutions over the span of 4 months.

4. Over $130K in Generated Revenue

Scanlon Solutions was able to establish trust with potential clients by highlighting their team's expertise and experience in web design and development. The high volume of booked meetings allowed them to refine their sales skills and learn more about prospects' needs and concerns. By addressing the specific needs and pain points of each recipient, they were able to make a strong case for their services and convert leads into customers, resulting in 7 closed deals and $130K+ in closed deals.


For Scanlon Solutions, a personalized and targeted cold email campaign proved to be a highly effective way to reach potential clients and grow their business. By testing different approaches and analyzing the results, Bold Red X were able to fine-tune their strategy and achieve a high response rate.

Scanlon Solutions CEO, Michael, said that hiring Bold Red X was the best business decision he’s ever made.

You might think that cold email is not suitable for your business model, but with the correct tools and knowledge, you can achieve exponential growth that exceeds your expectations.